Date: Aug 1, 2005
From: uefadirect - number 40 - August 2005 (page 12)
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CL title holder spot

excerpt from article on the Executive Committee meeting in June 2005

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In a telephone conference held on 10 June, the Executive 
Committee had also decided to amend the regulations of the UEFA 
Champions League to ensure that, in future, the trophy holders 
would be guaranteed the right to defend their title with a place 
in the group stage as a top seed. This will only increase the 
number of places that an association has in the UEFA competitions 
if the title-holders do not qualify for these competitions 
through their domestic league or if their association has only 
one Champions League berth.

Exceptionally, the Executive Committee decided to allow Liverpool 
FC to enter the 2005/06 edition at the first qualifying round