Date: Aug 28, 2002
From: UEFA Internet article
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CL Round 1 - How the draw will work

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Holders Real Madrid CF are among the 16 names already in the hat for the 
UEFA Champions League first group stage draw, which will take place in 
Monaco tomorrow at 16.00 CET. 

Automatic qualifiers
Madrid have automatically qualified thanks to their success against Bayer 
04 Leverkusen in last May's Hampden Park final and the 15 other automatic 
qualifiers did so on the basis of their performances in their domestic 

Qualifying places
The remaining 16 places are allocated to the teams who have come through 
the qualifying rounds. The 32 teams will be drawn into eight groups of four 
teams each, and the winners and runners-up in each group will advance. The 
groups will be lettered A to H.

Various conditions
Certain conditions must be observed. Teams from the same country will not 
be drawn into the same group, and if two teams from the same association 
qualify, they will be paired to split their matches between Tuesday and 
Wednesday, i.e. one team will always play at home on one day, and the other 
team will play away from home on the other day.

In the case of associations with three representatives, only two teams will 
be paired, while in the case of associations with four representatives, two 
pairings will be made. These pairings will be based on the TV audience and 
take account of the provisions of the competition regulations with regard 
to stadiums. Each team will play three matches on Tuesday and three matches 
on Wednesday.

Draw explanation
The 32 teams will be allocated to four pots in accordance with the seeding 
principles, based on the UEFA list of club coefficients. Pot 1 will 
comprise last season's title-holders, Real Madrid CF, and the top seven 
clubs in the club coefficient rankings. Pot 2 will comprise the following 
eight clubs in the rankings, and so on for Pots 3 and 4. 

Distinguished by colour
To ensure that clubs from the same country play on separate days as per the 
aforementioned pairing principles, the eight groups will be distinguished 
by colour: groups A to D will be "red", and groups E to H will be "blue". 
For example, when a paired club is drawn into one of the "red" groups (A, 
B, C or D), the other paired club - once it has been drawn - will 
automatically be assigned to one of the four "blue" groups (E, F, G or H).

Match sequence
The match sequence for the two groups will be:
"red" groups: Tuesday/Wednesday/Wednesday/ Tuesday/Wednesday/Tuesday
"blue" groups: Wednesday/Tuesday/Tuesday/ Wednesday/Tuesday/Wednesday

Draw procedure
First, a red ball will be drawn at random from Pot 1. The ball will be 
opened to display the name of the team drawn. The computer will then show 
which groups are available (A to D for the "red" groups, and E to H for the 
"blue" groups) for this club. A bowl will then be prepared containing the 
number of green balls representing the number of groups into which the said 
group could be drawn. A green ball will be drawn from this bowl to 
determine into which of these available groups the team drawn will go.

Same procedure
Once all of the teams have been drawn from Pot 1, the same procedure will 
be repeated for the teams in Pots 2, 3 and 4, in that order.

Computer draw
Teams from Pot 1 will be provisionally placed in the first position within 
their groups, teams from Pot 2 will provisionally take the second position 
in their groups, and so on. Once the draw procedure has been completed, a 
computer draw will determine the final position of the teams within their 
group. These positions and the group will then determine the order of the 
home and away matches. 

Draw result/fixture list
The draw result and full fixture list (match days 1 to 6) will be available 
15 minutes after the draw ceremony.