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Access list 2017/2018

UEFA European Cup Football
by Bert Kassies

Last update:

This page shows the access list for the 2017/2018 season of the Champions League and the Europa League. In this list the sequence of the countries is determined by the UEFA Country Ranking 2016. See UEFA European Cup Football for more information. Fair Play teams no longer qualify for the Europa League.

See Regulations of the Champions League 2016/2017 and Regulations of the Europa League 2016/2017 for more information.

Rank /
Champions League Europa League
(5 x NCQ4)
(5 x CHQ4)
(5 x NCQ3)(10 x CHQ3)(17 x Q2)(5 x Q1) (5 x NCQ4)
(5 x CHQ4)
(22 x Q4)
(5 x NCQ3)
(10 x CHQ3)
(29 x Q3)
(33 x Q2)(51 x Q1)
1Esp CH,N2,N3N4 CW,N5 N6
2Ger CH,N2,N3N4 CW,N5 N6
3Eng CH,N2,N3N4 CW,N5 N6
4Ita CH,N2N3 CW,N4 N5
5Por CH,N2N3 CW N4,N5
6Fra CH,N2 N3 CW N4,N5
7Rus CH N2 CW N3,N4
8Ukr CH N2 CW N3,N4
9Bel CH N2 CW N3,N4
10Ned CH N2 CW N3N4
11Tur CH N2 CW N3N4
12Sui CH N2 CW N3N4
13Cze N2 CH CW,N3N4
14Gre N2 CH CW,N3N4
15Rom N2 CH CW,N3N4
16Aut CH CWN2N3
17Cro CH CWN2N3
18Pol CH CWN2,N3
19Cyp CH CWN2,N3
20Bls CH CWN2,N3
21Swe CH CWN2,N3
22Nor CH CWN2,N3
23Isr CH CWN2,N3
24Den CH CWN2,N3
25Sco CH CW,N2,N3
26Azb CH CW,N2,N3
27Srb CH CW,N2,N3
28Kaz CH CW,N2,N3
29Bul CH CW,N2,N3
30Slo CH CW,N2,N3
31Svk CH CW,N2,N3
32Lie CW
33Hun CH CW,N2,N3
34Mol CH CW,N2,N3
35Isl CH CW,N2,N3
36Geo CH CW,N2,N3
37Fin CH CW,N2,N3
38Bos CH CW,N2,N3
39Alb CH CW,N2,N3
40Mac CH CW,N2,N3
41Irl CH CW,N2,N3
42Lat CH CW,N2,N3
43Lux CH CW,N2,N3
44Mon CH CW,N2,N3
45Lit CH CW,N2,N3
46Nir CH CW,N2,N3
47Est CH CW,N2,N3
48Arm CH CW,N2,N3
49Far CH CW,N2,N3
50Mlt CH CW,N2,N3
51Wal CH CW,N2,N3
52Gib CH CW,N2
53And CH CW,N2
54Sma CH CW,N2
55Kos CH CW
80 x CL
158 x EL
238 total

CH=domestic champion
N2=domestic league 2nd-placed club
N3=domestic league 3rd-placed club
N4=domestic league 4th-placed club
N5=domestic league 5th-placed club
N6=domestic league 6th-placed club
CW=domestic cup-winner
FP=club qualified via Fair Play rankings
Q=qualifying round
CHQ=qualifying round for champions
NCQ=qualifying round for non-champions

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